Our Approach

We encounter IoT, artificial intelligence, etc. as buzzwords every day, but what do these concepts mean for business practice and strategy?

Reducing costs and increasing productivity are the main topics when it comes to using IoT technologies. Generating new business models also plays a growing role and, with the prospect of new sales opportunities, stimulates enthusiasm for innovative technologies, both in B2C and B2B.

Despite all the enthusiasm, we believe that technology should not be the main driver of an IoT project. Rather, the focus should be on the underlying practical problem, its solution and the added value that comes with it.

That's why we support you, detached from technology, in the development of business cases: together with you we analyze your processes, develop measures and concepts at a detailed level and provide you with a concrete, roadmap-based solution. Together with you, we assess where IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and more can bring about real benefit to your business – and where not.

As soon as a concrete use case has been defined, it’s also about implementation, including technology. However, sustainable added value can only be created in the triad between people, process, and technology:

  • People play a central role as key users, but they are also the ones who lead the process of change in an organization
  • Processes must always be thought end-to-end and not in a classic and outdated modular way. Otherwise, a problem cannot be considered holistically.
  • We have the necessary technological skills and the corresponding experience – thanks to the know-how of more than 1,800 employees and the expertise of the entire All for One group.

Depending on your specific problem, we can support you with both individual projects and ready-made solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.



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