Workshop: Concrete application scenarios for IoT, AI and Co. in your company

In this workshop we will work with you how these new technologies can be applied to your company's pain points and challenges. The workshop approach is no to evaluate the potential use of specific technologies in your company, but exactly the other way round: what are problems you currently do face and how can new technologies contribute to their solution?

In this context we focus on technologies such as: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Big Data, Predictive and Analytics. We address the trends that play a central role in the manufacturing industry as well as in many other sectors: Predictive, dead time, condition monitoring, go green and maintenance.

The Workshop

  • Brief introduction The most important technologies and innovations: what is behind it, how do they interact and what is currently relevant?
  • Impulse and discussion: what specific scenarios exist today in comparable companies and what is the competition doing? We share our experience in numerous medium-sized companies.
  • Application scenarios specific to you: We work out together relevant problems in your company and evaluate if and how new technologies can bring about suitable solutions – based on design thinking techniques. Together we define the most important pain point, taking into account the specific processes of your company.
  • Details and validation: We focus on the use case that is most relevant to you and develop a rough solution for it. Let's take a close look at the benefits, scalability and, of course, the technology needed.

Results and benefit

  • IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Co. are no longer buzzwords: after the workshop, you are well aware about the new technologies and innovations of your competitors; the benefits of new technologies are described in context of your business and real use cases.
  • We develop the most important processes and prioritize them with respect to your individual roadmap.
  • A concept for a concrete scenario is described (solution architecture), which includes a first cost estimate and a possible project plan.
  • Workshop participants have a shared understanding of new technologies and their possible use – an important basis for possible projects.

Further information

  • Who should participate? Based on our experience, this workshop is suitable for both the management and for interdivisional key users or specific departments.
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Scope: Workshop with two experienced technology and process consultants and subsequent documentation. For the preparation we schedule a one-hour telephone interview, in which we ask for initial information about your company, your business model, and your processes.
  • Costs: 3.950 Euros plus travel expenses.

IoT Scenarios


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