Digital Supply Chain

Workshop: digital supply chain

With respect to the megatrends in logistics, SAP, and Connected Logistics Services, you will develop in teams concrete use cases for digitization in your company.

Experience through our use cases interaction of smart glasses, beacon technology, cloud components, as well as scanner applications and learn about current SAP digital supply chain tools.

Three steps to get your specific digitization approaches:

The vision:

We offer you an outlook at the digital future in logistics: IoT, Industry 4.0 and logistics, the understanding of SAP about the digital supply chain and added value by Connected Logistics Services.

The feasible:

Looking on different topics, you will experience specific implementation options, e.g. mobile apps, hybrid solution scenarios, cloud solutions, smart glasses and augmented reality, warehouse automation and sensors... Prioritization/definition of starting points/fields of action.

The approach:

Work with us to develop concrete and feasible approaches for digitization scenarios in your business.

Hands-on impulses

As a digitization partner for medium-sized companies, feasibility is of particular importance to us. That's why we give you impulses in the form of specific implementation options: from mobile apps and hybrid solution scenarios to cloud services using smart and augmented reality glasses, warehouse automation and sensors, and much more.

IoT Scenarios


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