Workshop: Industry 4.0 & IIoT in your company

In 6 hours to a tangible approach that you can work with immediately.

Create a common understanding of IIoT and common use cases in the company and in corporate management, develop approaches for own scenarios, evaluate them and push them forward in a targeted manner.

Content and agenda:

In a time frame of 6 hours, we work with you to develop a common understanding of IIoT and common use cases, develop approaches for scenarios in your company, evaluate them and prepare the basis for a more extensive agenda.

1) Preliminary discussion: During a 1-hour telephone or video conference with you as the client and, if necessary, 1-2 other stakeholders (CEO, digitalisation or production managers).

  • Short presentation of the workshop
  • Which roles and positions should be represented in the workshop? Naming the people.
  • Understanding the framework conditions for your Industrie 4.0 scenario: your go-to-market and your corporate strategy
  • Your previous experience in the field of Industry 4.0
  • Exclusive preliminary evaluation for you as the client

2) Workshop: The workshop (4 hours plus breaks) can take place remotely, at our premises or at your premises.

  • Impulse lecture and presentation of our IIoT portfolio, which also largely consists of quickly implementable modular solutions: Technological overview, our expertise and references (30 minutes)
  • Presentation of typical Industrie 4.0 use cases in your industry, brief presentation of your corporate strategy, derivation of the central fields of action (45 minutes)
  • Work phase: What are your expectations? With which scenarios and process automations can you achieve the greatest added value? (2 x 60 minutes)
  • Elaboration of 2-3 rough use case ideas (45 minutes)

3) Follow-up: Review of the meeting in a 1-hour telephone or video conference with you as the client. Preparation of the workshop results within three working days, workshop results as PDF:

  • Your approaches and ideas in the context of IIoT
  • Identification of important technological levers
  • Outline of a concept for a project process
  • Written summary of the workshop (minutes)

Your results:

  • You receive your individual IIoT map. Taking into account the market, competition, your corporate strategy and technological possibilities, ideas and concepts are clearly classified.
  • Against the background of your organisation's and your customers' expectations, we develop suitable Industrie 4.0 use cases and identify important technological levers.
  • Based on these ideas, we outline a rough concept for a project sequence.
  • A consolidated, harmonised view of the topic of Industry 4.0 is created in the group of participants, and specifically for your company. This ensures language capability and thus feasibility in the company. You receive professional documents for internal communication.
  • And last but not least: you get to know us and our approach and can decide whether you want to move forward together with us and take the next steps.

And so it could go on:

If you wish, we will be happy to accompany you further on the way to your Industrie 4.0 scenario:

  • Further workshops with managers and staff
  • Deepening the use case idea developed in the initial workshop: Which processes can be optimised quickly and sustainably against the background of an end-to-end scenario? How can upstream and downstream areas, but also customers, benefit from IIoT projects?
  • Using creative techniques, we can develop further use cases together with you. We evaluate the economic viability and technological feasibility of the concepts and transfer them into a ranking.
  • Evaluation of the impact on your organisation: The implementation of an Industrie 4.0 scenario, which is sometimes also accompanied by a new business model, can have a variety of repercussions on different areas of your company. We work with you to find out what these are and provide suggestions on how you can pick up affected employees within the framework of change management.


Result: In a short time, you have a common, tangible approach to Industry 4.0 with which you can continue to work immediately.

Your time investment: 6 hours (internally we spend approx. 20 hours for the implementation)

Participants: Representatives from GF, responsible persons from IT, digitalisation, production, organisational development and specialist departments - max. 10 persons

Costs: 3.900 €

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