Workshop: From data to action: your entry into the IoT

What do you need for a successful IoT project? Obviously the first question that arises is the connection to the device / machine and the corresponding data. For a successful project, however, you should start a little earlier and not stop at the data.

The Workshop

In this workshop we develop together an understanding in which context an IoT project brings real added value. The business case arises from the benefits of integrating real-time data into new or improved processes. Therefore, we will show you the entire data value chain from the system to your application:

On this basis, we provide examples of successful IoT projects and their results:

  • With which objectives were these IoT projects launched?
  • Where and how were concrete decisions and actions taken and how did these lead to efficiency gains or cost reductions?
  • What exactly was implemented in the projects (and with what IT architecture)?

What you gain

  • An understanding of what makes IoT projects successful
  • A holistic approach: from connecting devices/machines to efficient data storage, options for data processing, analyses and visualization up to integration into applications and processes
  • Possible architectures for an end-to-end IoT project

Further information

  • Who should participate in the workshop? Specialized departments, R&D managers, IT managers, process owners and C-Level

Contents (1-day workshop):

  • Introduction: IoT and Platforms
  • Customized application scenarios with specific benefits
    • Connecting the machine
    • Data storage
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • System Integration
  • Development of individual fields of action, creation of your own roadmap

  • Duration: 8 hours

  • Scope: Workshop with two experienced technology and process consultants and subsequent documentation. For the preparation we schedule a one-hour telephone interview, in which we ask for initial information about your company, your business model, and your processes.

  • Costs: 3.950 Euros plus travel expenses

IoT Scenarios


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