Succeeding with IoT

Workshop: Your smart product

In 5 sprints to the prototype of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Customer demands are increasing and products must meet these requirements in order to be successful in the market and against the competition. A smart connected product enables data-driven services that can offer customers and users sustainable added value.

The question of how to make one's own products smart with IoT technology or which additional features and services can be decisive on the market is not trivial. Not least because such undertakings often call into question processes and principles that have been successfully practised in the company for a long time.

In our workshop "Your smart product", we work with you to identify innovation potential for your company, hone it to meet the requirements of your customers as well as the technical and economic feasibility and drive an idea forward to the prototype for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - in just five workshop sprints.

In 5 sprints to a prototype of your MVP:

1. your environment: together we look at your market, your competition, your corporate strategy and the challenge of digital transformation & opportunities through technologies.

2. your customers: Together we look at your customers against the background of your value proposition: What are their problems, expectations and experiences? This is where the first ideas for smart products will emerge.

3. the business model: together we work out two to three ideas in concrete terms - always against the background of technical and economic feasibility. Finally, the best of them is prepared for prototype development.

4. prototype development: the technical implementation is carried out in-house by our smart product experts, including testing on test customers.

5. handover of the prototype for your MVP: We hand over the prototype of your smart product and jointly analyse the feedback from the test customers. And if desired, we are available for a joint presentation to your management.

Your advantages:

Together with you - against the background of your market, your customers and your strategy - we work out innovative ideas for smart products by applying creative techniques. At the same time, with our project experience, we make sure right from the start that the ideas can also be implemented technically and economically.

In order to be able to offer a results-oriented workshop that is geared to your individual initial situation, we have structured the workshop largely in sprints that we can flexibly weight and string together. Everything is geared towards the goal that you have the promised result in your hands at the end of the workshop.

Within the five workshop sprints, we evaluate and grind ideas for smart products together and go into a technical prototyping of your future MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with the most promising one. We test this with selected customers so that you can present the result - your smart product - to your management.

Our services:

  • In our workshop "Your smart product" we analyse - after comprehensive preparation on our part - your market, your products and your competitive situation together and determine your position in the field of IoT against the background of your corporate strategy.
  • We look at your customers together, interview some "friendly customers" and work out together what problems they have or in what context they use your products.
  • We then use creative techniques (e.g. design thinking) to work out which IoT-based product-related services or features can offer your customers sustainable value.
  • We support you in finding concrete ideas and putting them into practice, always keeping an eye on technical and economic feasibility.
  • For your workshop, we create an "innovative space" in which creative ideas can develop more easily - detached from the processes of your daily business and the cultural "guard rails" of your organisation.
  • We support the workshop with experts from the area of change & transformation management as well as from the area of IoT & smart products.


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