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Our mission: to make your logistics processes smarter, to automate workflows and to eliminate breaks in processes by precise measures and medium-sized investments.

A future-proof warehouse includes technologies such as barcode or RFID-integrated shipping options, global standards for data exchange, real-time evaluations & KPIs with increased transparency for all goods movements and activities that take place in the warehouse. But reality is often still far from that.

The starting point

In many intralogistics processes today, there are still process breaks that are associated with efficiency losses and represent potential sources of error. One example that is still often found is the use of paper in intralogistics: transport and picking orders come from SAP and are printed out. Whether on the forklift, during picking, packing or loading: the lists are processed manually, and goods movements are recorded for the respective order and, in the best case, booked individually by barcode scanning through the hand scanner.
Such processes, which are common practice in many medium-sized companies, work well per se. However, they are suboptimal, and the more items, inbound goods, withdrawals, etc. there are, the more weight carry the process breaks. In any case, capacity and motivation limits with regard to warehouse employees are reached sooner or later.

The solution

With All for One Connected Logistics, an efficient, agile warehouse is just a few steps away: Always-on! The introduction of new technologies enables real-time transparency of inventories and processes while enhancing employee motivation - this is achieved, among other things, through

  • Sensor-to-action processes that simplify exception-based acting in the warehouse
  • Track & trace solutions that ensure a new level of transparency: from a proper control of inflowing goods to container management, movement of goods in warehouse and shopfloor, all the way to outbound goods and shipping
  • Real-time KPIs which, in conjunction with S/4HANA, can be accessed without time-consuming queries
  • Push notifications that not only provide employees with the current status of warehouse orders and tasks, but also with the status of the respective warehouse hardware

All for One Connected Logistics for...

1) Optimized processes in goods receipt

With ever shrinking delivery sizes and unplanned returns, the demands on goods receipt are steadily growing. Insufficient transparency often leads to significant discrepancies regarding the actual available stock and thus, in the end, new goods cannot be produced, or existing ones cannot be sold. Barcode or RFID solutions, on the other hand, can be used to record inbound goods automatically. Visio Trace, for example, simplifies barcode recording and enables in-process photo documentation, including the processing of QM checklists. Smart technologies reduce errors and delays, and precise inventory is immediately available.

Connected Logistics solution modules for goods receipt:

  • Visio Trace
  • RFID
  • WEB-EDI-Avis

2) Smart goods and inventory processes

Connected Logistics enables real-time transparency and monitoring: you always know where something is (tracking) or where you can find it (location). This allows you to close existing gaps and accelerate processes in production supply and scheduling.

Connected Logistics solution modules for goods and inventory processes:

  • EWM-based production integration
  • Inventory tracking with geolocation
  • Inventory digitalization through the use of drones
  • IoT hardware adapter - makes warehouse technology smart
  • Visio Scan and Visio Trace for mobile RF processes: photos, notes, and signatures
  • Augmented Reality/Smart Glasses-based QM checklists
  • Smart counting/image processing
  • Smart tracking with RFID container management
  • AGV, warehouse automation
  • Automated material flow control

3) Improved picking processes

In B2B, the trend is also toward smaller but more frequent orders, as every company strives to reduce inventory levels. Picking processes must therefore be as efficient and error-free as possible - especially when produced and/or picked goods go directly to shipping and errors then affect the customer right away. Smart technologies must therefore help to avoid errors, increase efficiency, and motivate employees as positively as possible ("finding instead of searching").

Connected Logistics solution modules for the picking process:

  • Vision Picking with Smart Glasses (hands-free, faster & fewer errors)
  • Pick by Voice/Vision/Light
  • Smart scanning/Scanner glove

4) Higher performance in goods issue

Controls at goods issue, printing labels, booking of goods - these process steps can all be automated with smart technologies, leading to the avoidance of errors and returns and thus to happier customers.

Connected Logistics solution modules for outbound goods:

  • Visio Trace (photo documentation/quality proof)
  • IoT-based scale integration
  • Packing table with data glove
  • KEP as a Service
  • RFID solutions
  • Proof of arrival

An example: The optimized packing table

An optimized packing table process with our KEP-SAP Add-on can look like this: The employee in charge of dispatching gets the order displayed on his screen. He packs the goods in a box, using a scanner on the back of his hand to confirm the receipt. This means that he has both hands free for the packing process and can pack more effectively. The weight of the box is continuously monitored by a scale. The older scale is connected to the SAP system via the IoT Hardware Adapter and logs the shipping weight at the end of the packing process. Before closing the box, the employee takes a photo of the contents with Visio Trace for the internal documentation in SAP - without paper and any process breaks.

Smart and automated processes

This exemplary customer scenario illustrates the potential of All for One Connected Logistics: you can automate (intra-)logistic processes with mid-sized investments and make them smart by linking them to SAP. So, smart end-to-end processes can be established.


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