Smart Products

Digitalization is changing both markets and expectations of services and products. Take the opportunity and make your products proactively smart in order to achieve competitive advantages.

Benefit from the change digitalization brings about. Drive it actively by making your products smart: Connected sensor systems combined with data analytics enable you to provide your customers with added value. Generate additional sales and implement new business models.

Smart products

Smart products are not just sold once to customers. While being used, Smart products stay in contact with your systems and provide continuously you with information about their utilization and much more. Via condition monitoring you can learn more about their status and actual performance over time. You can offer you customers enhanced services or provide them with individual recommendations how to better use the products.

Increasing data quality, better connectivity solutions and analytic tools enable you to add smart services to your products, for instance such as predictive maintenance. Or you can go one step further and offer the output of your product "as a service" and switch to a pay-per-use model.

In any event, by digitizing your products you will be able to identify and realize additional optimization and saving potentials. So, with smart products you are well prepared to tackle the challenges and take the opportunities brought about by the digital transformation.


Smart products often consist of software modules that can be used in the same or similar form in other scenarios - without causing any damage or disadvantage to the company which used it first.

If the investment or development costs required to tackle a specific problem are to high for you for any reason, it may make sense to evaluate the possibility of co-innovation project. For us, co-innovation means that we participate in the development of a software product and, in return, are allowed to offer it on the market as an independent product. The prerequisite from our side is that we understand the relevant market and can judge that the product has the necessary potential.



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