Smart Products

Digitization is changing markets and expectations of services and products - take advantage of the opportunities offered by networking technologies: Enhance your products on the basis of intelligent end-to-end processes with data-driven services and create sustainable competitive advantages.

Smart, connected products continue to exchange data with your systems even when they are already used by customers - whether stationary or mobile, whether in a B2B or B2C context:

You receive precise, usage-related data (Big Data) via controls, microcontrollers or sensors built into the product. This can be uploaded to a cloud environment where it can be analysed and condensed. Logics can be mapped there and threshold values for triggering events can be defined - as a basis for data-driven services. Common use cases here are, for example, Pay-per Use billing or Predictive Maintenance scenarios.

On the other hand, you can also send data back to your products. You can combine the usage-related information with data from third-party systems (e.g. weather, traffic volume, but also access systems) or play out usage recommendations that match the current usage situation and thus upgrade your product with additional features and customer benefits.

The technologies required for this, for example in the area of connectivity, are now also available at conditions suitable for SMEs and large providers such as SAP or Microsoft have long recognised the potential of "connected products".

The challenge for companies often lies in identifying individually suitable use cases or finding ideas: Which business processes offer the greatest added value end-to-end? It is precisely for this purpose that we offer the appropriate support through our workshop portfolio, in order to put you on the road to success quickly and in a targeted manner.

Especially for medium-sized companies, whose investment budget for such projects is not unlimited, it is also essential to pay attention to the selection of the right technology stack right from the very beginning onwards in order not to create any pitfalls for later expansions. Our years of experience from successful projects help us in doing so.



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