All for One Smart Factory

All for One Smart Factory integrates the shop floor into your SAP end-to-end processes. Using real-time data from the shop floor, we optimize existing processes in your production and supply chain, enabling you to implement completely new business cases.

The vision of the digitalized factory

The vision of the digitalized factory, in which connected intelligent systems exchange data fully automatically and in which all relevant information from the shopfloor is centrally and anytime available is characterized by current topics and challenges such as:

  • Continuous optimization of processes and reduction of dead time
  • On-going improvement of planning processes and – simultaneously – increasing demands for flexibility in production time and quantities (up to order size 1)
  • Customers' wishes to be informed about order progress

Real-time information from the shop floor is key to all of this.

In a medium-sized businesses, however, it may not always be transparent whether production actually is on schedule, simply as current data is missing. This makes the calculation of precise manufacturing costs problematic. Without real-time information, monitoring of production lines is also difficult. This can result in increased expensive downtimes. Many companies have MES systems in place, but they are often very costly and complex to handle, which makes that they are often not used to their full extent. In addition, there is largely no data exchange with the ERP system.

And this is where All for One Smart Factory comes in.

Smart Factory: A turnkey solution

All for One Smart Factory is a turnkey solution - but highly flexible and configurable. It is your point of entry into the digital and connected factory. The goal is to reduce idle time and to avoid unplanned stops. The way to achieve this is the continuous vertical integration of machine data and operator feedback into your SAP system.

In doing so, you can link business processes with employees and machines in a smart way and realize optimization potential, in particular in the fields of manufacturing, planning and maintenance.

Functions & added value

  • Real-time feedback from operators and machines: Immediate recording and integration of production data in SAP-PP
  • Paperless production control: Clear and precise work scheduling for operators
  • Monitoring of progress and work status: Transparency regarding the status quo in production
  • Condition monitoring of machines: Support events are immediately caught for instant reaction
  • Analysis of failures and downtime events: Avoidance of unproductive time
  • Analysis of shopfloor KPIs: Optimization of planning times, predictive problem detection
  • Modularized & configurable solution: customization and extension into customer-specific processes



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