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End-to-End with IoT

In modern ERP systems such as the SAP ERP, intelligent and (cost-)efficient end-to-end processes with a high degree of automation can be realised. But they naturally end where the ERP system ends. Areas in manufacturing and logistics or products that are in use by customers are often beyond this process landscape. IoT technology makes it possible to integrate these (from an ERP perspective) "blind spots" into seamless, intelligent processes.

To realize end-to-end processes that go beyond SAP ERP, we offer own products as well as customised, IoT-based solutions.

Whenever possible, we build these solutions on standardised and proven modules and components. This means that individual solutions lose much of their project character, become more cost-effective and are implemented more quickly - in line with the needs of medium-sized businesses. Since our solutions are SAP-related or integrated, we avoid unnecessary interfaces and third-party systems.

You can find out more about our approach here:

End-to-End in your Production

Use Cases for machine building companies

Optimize service and availability

For Product Manufacturers: Smart Products in Context of SAP and Microsoft

IoT with All for One

Strategic Consulting and Use Case Development

Whether you are already dealing with the (technological) implementation of an (I)IoT scenario or want to work out the potentials of IoT for your company - we offer you a combined consulting approach of strategy and technology consulting, which we align to your individual starting situation and through which we map all relevant topics - from connectivity to SAP and process integration to change and transformation management. The common entry point to this is via our workshop portfolio.

All for One IIoT Connector

The IIoT Connector is a software solution from the All for One Group SE, which contains both components close to the device (Edge) and a counterpart that receives data (Cloud Services). By supporting various communication protocols, you can use the IIoT Connector to quickly connect, provide and process data from various devices and machines - as well as integrate them into the corresponding SAP processes. The IIoT Connector has a simple administration interface to quickly connect and configure machines and devices.

IIoT Connector as Managed Service

Based on the IIoT Connector, we can operate your edge components as a managed service. As part of our (I)IoT portfolio, we take care of smooth and secure communication flows. With our service, we provide you with a managed infrastructure/platform for the operation of the IIoT Connector.

IoT in Logistics


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